TFS - ticks all the boxes

  • anatomical restoration for prolapse and symptoms
  • internal anchoring
  • precision tape adjustment
  • ability to bring displaced tissues together
  • non-elastic tape for urethral/tissue protection
  • macroporous, custom knitted, monofilament tape
  • single incision
  • direct vision placement
  • minimally invasive
  • day care compatible
    (stress incontinence)
  • proven performance
  • surgical training



“The Integral Theory” set the foundation for a new approach to treatment of female pelvic floor dysfunction.
i.e. “repair the structure, and you will repair the function”

In keeping with this theory, the Tissue Fixation System (TFS) has been designed to reinforce damaged suspensory ligaments whilst retaining tissue elasticity.

It is used for the treatment of female pelvic floor conditions, including urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, nocturia, chronic pelvic pain and some faecal incontinence.

With over 3 years of extensive patient data, these conditions can now be treated with the TFS, using a minimally invasive technique under direct vision, many in a day-care surgery environment.

The TFS comprises 2 polypropylene soft tissue anchors with a one-way tensioning system, a non stretch monofilament tape and a reusable stainless steel applicator which is housed in a tray for sterilisation and storage.

Australia 2003250591   Turkey 1545351
Brazil PI0313292-7   India 221219
Canada 2,495,105   Israel 166942
China 489029   Japan 4875362
Eurasia 7116   New Zealand 538131
France 1545351   Sth Korea 10-1013653
Germany 1545351   Sth Africa 2005/1235
Great Britain 1545351   USA App No : US 13/362,462
Italy 1545351   USA App No : US 10/524,701
Spain 1545351   Singapore 110477
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